KLSL2835W 0.2W 0.5W 1W 30-150mA 26-145Lm

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MEDIUM POWER SMD LEDs KLSL2835W for LOW COST LED LIGHTINGKwality  Manaufuring 18 Volts,0.2W 0.5  1Watts26- 145Lumens @ 30-150mA; Cool White 2800-6500K CCT (Color Corelation Temperature); The KLSL2835W from Kwality in Power SMD LED category, are ideal for EVERY APPLICATION be it Tube Lights, Downlight, Lanterns & even Street Lights!; These 2835 SMD LED’s have emerged as strong contenders for down-lights, bulbs as they bring down the costs of power LEDs by whopping 40%. With LPW (Lumens per Watt) of 75 and enhanced reliability, they help in bringing out mass use LED LIGHTS WITHIN RANGE OF TRADITIONAL LIGHT SOURCES. Lanterns & LED LIGHTS WITHIN RANGE OF TRADITIONAL LIGHT SOURCES.                                                                                                                                                                             visit website www.kwality photonics.com

Kwality's 2835W structure also helps in slashing the solder cost by 50% since it has just 2 solder points instead of 4 solder points.



Further, the KLSL2835W Package has Large HEAT PAD that connects better thermally for outward passage of heat and keeps the LED cooler.

The cost effective KLSL2835 package is MOST RECENT PACKAGE DESIGN, and hence has least probability to become obsolete ever!

What’s more, all these advantages come along with ATTRACTIVE PRICE that is globally unbeatable- at less than RsRS 0.30per Lumen. Price will not be a constraint for bulk users & assured to be LESS than similar branded LEDs.

Kwality PolyWa focuses on conferring that COST ADVANTAGE to you that makes the difference between MEDIOCRITY & SUCCESS. Please revert to us with trial order and long term schedules.

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