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Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd, the market leader in manufacture of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and LED displays, is now offering Hi- flux LEDs for illumination applications.

Hi-flux LEDs operate at high current levels from 30mA to as high as 70mA to deliver brightness output of about 7000mcd These Hi-flux LEDs can also operate at the lower current levels of 20 mA where brightness output falls to 3,000 mcd.


Unlike normal 2 lead LEDs, Kwality’s hi-flux LEDs are packaged on high thermal conductive material with four leads which quickly drain the heat away and keep the LED temperature down for efficient operation.

Hi-flux LEDs are ideal for retrofit applications where replacement of existing incandescent light bulbs is desired thanks to factors like more uniform illumination, 90% reduction in power consumption and 10 times more longer life. Hi flux LEDs can be used to simulate point light source for enhanced optical performance. They exhibit more flicker resistance and save costs through low power, 5+years’ life and reduced maintenance costs.

Hi Flux Leds are ideal for signage’s and Indoor decoration Lighting. Hi Flux LEDs are specially developed for sunlight applications like traffic control lights, automobile brake lights, and outdoor signs. Other typical applications are Automotive exterior tail light, brake and side marker lighting and Interior Lighting, Displays and Signage Lighting, back lighting, Status indication for industrial controls and machinery, Cellular antenna control box status lights that must be viewed over long distances etc

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