LM80 LEDs from Kwality polYwa - Now you can bid for Government Tenders

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Kwality Photonics has switched over to manufacture & supply of LM80 certified LEDs across full range of White Power LEDs. The wide choice of LM80 certified Kwality Polywa’ LEDs, namely KLHP3535W(350mA) & KLSL5630W(150mA), KLSL2835W(60mA), KLSL3014W(30mA), KLSL3228W(20mA), KLSL3030W(150mA) LEDs, together can meet every possible design requirements, be it for LED Street lights, LED Tube lights or LED Retrofit Bulbs. In fact, supply of LM80 LEDs from Kwality have already commenced since last 6 months to all our customers and their positive feedback are testimonials to the high quality standards achieved by Kwality Photonics. All the supplies hence forth in all above LEDs packages will be LM80 Compliant only. Now Kwality's LED customers can confidently bid for all BEE, EESL, Municipal, Panchayat or any other Government Tenders & BIS based LED indents using our High Power 3535 & 3030, Medium power 5630 & 2835 and Low power 3014 & 3228 LEDs.




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