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Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd, which recently launched Hi Flux LEDs, has now announced the release of PLCC SMD LEDs that deliver exceptional brightness thanks to the specially designed lead frame profile that greatly improves heat dissipation of the device.

Devices using Kwality’s PLCC SMD (KLSL3228) can be driven with higher currents to enable twice the brightness thanks to their low (250 k/W) thermal resistance rating.

These PLCC SMD LEDs are offered in a range of colors with typical luminous intensity varying from 500 mcd to 3000 mcd when driven with a forward current of 70mA.

Kwality’s PLCC surface-mount lamps are very popular with buyers and engineers due to their small size and wide viewing angles which make them ideal for backlight usage, while their flat lenses make them easier for pick-and-place machines to handle. These SMD LEDs serve purpose in applications where size, brightness and special configurations are in stringent consideration.

Designed with a new non-diffused lens that simplifies backlighting displays and coupling to light pipes, the new KLSL3228 can be used in a variety of lighting and display applications including dashboard lighting in cars, traffic signals and signs, advertising billboards, LCDs and A/V systems.

High reliability, high brightness, low power consumption and full color range make Kwality’s PLCC LED a major player in signs, networking systems as well as automotive applications.

Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2000 certified company is India’s largest manufacturer of LED, LED displays and lighting products. Kwality Photonics P Ltd components can be found in products manufactured in a very broad range of industries. With a strong R&D department in place, the company has more new products in pipeline for release.

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