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PolyWa Power LED SIGNAGE STRINGS from Kwality

Kwality now announces Signage STRINGS with Polywa Power LEDs. These STRINGS, thanks to their “maintenance free” aspect and long life, are being more sought after than neon lights for usage in Channel letter lighting & bill board ( BACK LIT) Signage.

A typical Kwality signage strings consist of 3 LEDs of 3watt /1watt multiply by 3 rows. These LED modules can be cascaded as desired to suit the length to be illuminated. Every module will have 350mA / 700mA @ 3.5V at constant current with connectors/ jumpers to allow easy assembly on the field. These modules working voltage 9.5V ~ 10.5V / power supply.


Typical applications of these STRINGS consist of Channel letter lighting, Bill Boards (Glow Signs) Signages and backlighting of logos. Higher brightness lighting obtained by using strings of Polywa Power LEDs. Polywa LEDs are available as single units (3.5V) . The PolyWa Power LEDs drop 3.5V at 350mA/ 700mA current and are very popular for Outdoor Signage’s of Large Malls & Corporates.

About Company:

Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is an eighteen year old company and India’s largest manufacturer of LED, LED displays and lighting products. Kwality’s product portfolio to includes LED displays like single digit, multi digit, Dot-matrix, Lightbars, Bargraph as well as Jumbo Digit displays and LED, like Polywa Power LEDs (1,3,5wats ), SuperFlux LEDs and PLCC/SMD LEDs. The company’s components are used in products manufactured in a very broad range of industries. With a strong R&D department in place, the company has more new products in pipeline for release.

About Company:

The benefits of LEDs are very well established by now.

i) Power Consumption is 25~33% of the original power, since

a).The light in front direction is 2X to 3X, as no light is wasted to backside for the same power.

b). LED are 25% to 80% more efficient than CFL to Incandescent respectively,

ii). LEDs have over 20000 to 50000hrs life, saving cost of replacement and maintenance, which are

Sometime 10x the cost of the lamp.

iii). The investment is paid back in 1.5 to 2 years, conservatively speaking. Since several models are

available and constantly evolving, individual analysis is not available. Internet is good source of

such calculations, as all LED Lighting systems are essentially same with minor variation.

How to select & use LEDs for given output:

Since the all the light is emitted in front direction, (no light is wasted in back-direction), you may need to use 30% to 50% wattage of LEDs to match given lighting application.

Multiple LEDs are mounted on good thermally designed body in series parallel configuration and driven by constant current drive for each string of LEDs.

Creating good thermal path, one can reduce the heat accumulation on the LEDs and increase the life of the Lamp by 100% for every 5 degree reduction in junction temperature. Highest output is obtained by POLYWA series of POWER LEDs of 1Watt ~30 watts.

The POLYWA- 1 Watt LEDs have highest efficiency, being

1).100 Lumen 350mA LED KLHP3433W

LED in large cluster application like signage letters etc:

The KWALITY’s POLYWA Power LEDs come with integrated Metal PCB heat spreader.

The LEDs are adhered to the base metal box to make them operate at lower temperatures leading to higher efficiencies and much higher gain in operating life ( >20,000 hrs).

Electrically speaking, three LEDs are connected in series/strings and operated by special Power supply (SMPS grade) with precision voltage output to suit the batch of LEDs. A Single power supply of 100 Watt rating will support upto 70 LEDs.

We recommend a 4” or 5” deep sheet metal box with acrylic top cover. Interiors of the metal bottom should be highly reflective to remove spotted effect as well as to double the rightness, giving a scope for reduction of number of LEDs and hence the reduction of the cost. Normally our POLYWA Power LEDs (KLHP331W) are placed at the spacing of 3” from LED-to-LED, which results in very uniform distribution of the Light over the complete Letter.

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