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The Street lights need to spread the light along the axis of the road and not throw light beyond the road-sides to achieve HOMOGENEOUS lighting spread between the poles. Expensive custom designed optical lenses are built & requiring accurate alignment and additional assembly parts. Over 20% of light is lost at the interface of LED and Secondary Lens.

Kwality Brings you Novel Street Lighting Solution inPolyWa Oval LEDs. PolyWa Oval has a specially designed INTEGRATED LENS.

Now You can make streetlights with,
  • Lower Power rating - at least 20% energy is saved.
  • At Reduced cost in LEDs- use 20% less LEDs.
  • At Reduced cost in Assembly Labor.
  • At Reduced cost in Assembling Losses.
  • At Reduced cost in Flatter body casting and fabrication.
  • Deliver the products faster due to shorter assembly time.
  • Produce Slimmer & Aesthetic Streetlights
  • Produce Flat Street light for high Yielding Casting / Fabrication.
With KwalityPolyWa LED one can save 25% in direct costs and 10% in indirect costs and deliver Slimmer and aesthetic products

PolyWa Oval it eliminates light pollution by confining the beam to 80° Vertical, 130°horizontal.
  1. PolyWa Oval LEDs increases the life of the Fixture as silicon lens withstands UV effectively.
  2. PolyWa Oval LEDs eliminates need to re-aligning of lenses loosened by heavy truck vibrations.
  3. PolyWa Oval LEDs with 20% loss elimination, help you achieve higher LPW for full Fixtures.
  4. PolyWa Oval LEDs allow automatic re-flow solder process due to silicone encapsulation.
  • Since different roads call for different lighting environments, PolyWa oval LED is available in pure white with an efficiency of lens enables street lighting applications to be realized with much less effort, eliminating several assembly steps and complications.
  • The Development team at Kwality Photonics feels that Street lighting LED PolyWa Oval combines various lighting benefits in single package. It is highly efficient, and has a long lifetime due to its silicone lens.
  • Additionally, it offers good Visibility at night because the LEDs can be arranged in the system to distribute the light accurately, delivering light where it is most needed.
  • This new light source also makes it easier to upgrade current systems to more efficient street lighting with LED technology. The best part of the PolyWa Oval LED is that it meets all the requirements for homogeneous illumination.
  • For homogeneous illumination
  • With lower power rating and lower cost
  • Combines various lighting benefits in single package
  • Long life time due to its silicon lens
  • It eliminates the need for secondary optics.
  • Beam is confined to 80°vertical 130° Horizontal
  • Available in pure white with 100~120 lumens in 6000K CCT

PolyWa OVAL LED for Street Lights

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